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Art has a way of knowing us.

My life journey has led me to hone my craft as an arts based therapist. As a child, I found solace in the space of image making and crafting. Often I was seen with scissors in my hands and a trail of paper behind me. As I continued to grow and seek out my own therapeutic supports, I found myself frustrated and overwhelmed with traditional talk therapy methods. Some emotional experiences could not be verbally shared, known or understood (by myself or the other) until I was able to create.

As an empathetic and intuitive individual, I was naturally drawn towards others: finding joy in deeply listening and supporting them. With my passion for the arts and genuine enjoyment of all people, the study of art therapy was a simple decision for me - it just made sense. I attended undergraduate and graduate school for expressive arts therapy and mental health counseling.


I have a naturally curious mind and deep desire for understanding which ignited my passion for neuroscience. I focus my continuing education on neuroscience for intra and interpersonal healing within the expressive arts. I continue to learn complimentary and nutritional approaches, meditation, yoga and somatic techniques. I practices cultural humbleness and seeks out education from the wisdom and voices from others who may be different than me.

Many folx I worked with have experienced psychological trauma and had deep emotional wounds. It has been a gift for me to witness the many pathways that they found healing.  I deeply love supporting folx as they explore the arts to understand and know themselves, often in new and compassionate ways. I holds deep respect for the power of our inner worlds and the wisdom inside all of us.

One of my greatest loves is the Earth and I find grounding and contemplation through gardening, walking through forests, or being at the ocean. I delights in learning new art mediums and is currently focusing on watercolor and pottery. Time spent with my dear friends is cherished. I am beyond grateful for the deep companionship I have with my spouse and my sweet dog.

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"Art is the voice that tells us there is something beyond the pain."


A life long learner


I am a unique health care professional with clinical mental health and translational research experience, as well as management expertise across multiple industries.


I have worked with diagnostically and culturally diverse individuals and families in a variety of settings; community based stabilization, intensive and specialized outpatient psychological trauma services, group facilitation at partial hospitalization, integrative school settings and enrichment programs.

I've taught art therapy theory and applications to other healthcare professionals, provided education to the general public on the healing power of art, and assisted agencies with arts based curriculum design and implementation.

In 2019 I launched Create art & wellness to focus on providing integrative and holistic mental health services to children and adults who seek experiental based psychotherapy approaches to healing.

Education & Licenses

Master of Arts in Expressive Art Therapy & Mental Health Counseling, Lesley University, 2011

Bachelor of Science in Art Therapy, Lesley University, 2007

MA Licensed Mental Health Counselor: 8605

RI Licensed Mental Health Counselor: 1128

NJ Licensed Professional Counselor: 37PC01008700
Registered Art Therapist

Certification in Applied Polyvagel Theory for Yoga Therapy, Embodied Lab, 2021


I've been on a mission to learn and understand the principals necessary to help guide and inform my therapeutic approach, so I can be clear and targeted in the care I offer.  I've been trained in neurobiology for therapists, the gut-brain connection, visualization and meditation for peak-performance, yoga for mental health, and complementary and nutritional approaches for mental health.

I seek out training in LGBTQ+ affirming care, anti-racist practices and culturally sensitive care. My aim is to create a welcoming space that is inclusive of all.

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