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Adults seeking creative play and connection.

Lonely? A bit socially uncomfortable? Or maybe your just looking for creative connection with others? This group is for you!

Emily & Morgan, an art therapist & music therapist, come together to invite adults to explore how the arts can help us connect more deeply to ourselves and enhance connections with others in playful ways. The arts are natural methods to help enhance joy, especially when creating in community.
Each session will involve art, music and light movement. Groups are structured with a warm-up, processing time, and a closing ritual.

Mondays 6:30-8pm | 6 weeks
$58/ session

Art Gallery

The healing power of art

Gallery talk at South County Art Association

Join Emily for this gallery talk on the healing power of art. Emily will discuss the role of image and intention in healing art, the layers of the brain and how art can uniquely tap into each of those layers, guiding folks towards wholeness.


Thursday, March 24th 6-7pm

Free, please RSVP. Suggested donation of $10 to South County Art Association.


Art Therapy

Visual journaling as a reflective practice.

In this group, we will be practicing active coping and self-care through the use of visual journaling. When using images and words, we can connect our thinking and feeling, and by giving ourselves the gift of time, we can process our life experiences. Spending time with yourself in this way can be; soothing, satisfying, memory-enhancing, mindful, and playful.


You'll also experience the power of parallel art making: creating in community!

Group members will be asked to bring their own art journal, but various materials will be available at the studio for creation (magazine images, pastels, markers, paints, ribbon, natural objects, etc.) Each group will start with a brief breathing and grounding exercise facilitated by Emily, followed by working in your visual journal. At the end of group, you will have the option to share with the group about your image and/or process.


Group members will be invited to utilize their journal outside of session and share with the group any other images/pages they would like at the following session.

You do not need to have experience with art or journaling to benefit and engage in this group.

Biweekly Tuesdays 5:30-7pm


Sheet Music and Guitar

Music therapy


Creating voice & building self-esteem.

Adolescence is a developmental time for identity exploration & development. 

This group supports teens with building self esteem and developing their own personal voice.

In sessions, teens will be invited to share music they listen to which is meaningful for them - facilitating connection with others.  They will learn to write their own lyrics, so they can identify emotions, process and integrate their experiences. Music can support emotional expression and help build a healthy identity. This is an active and structured group.
No music experience needed. Just a love of music!

Facilitated by Morgan, a board certified music therapist.

Wednesdays 3:30-5pm | 8 weeks
$27.50/ session


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