Children & Adolescent Therapy***

Adult Psychotherapy*

Art Therapy Curriculum Development & Consultation


Therapeutic Art Intensives (1.5+ hours)

Parent Consultation & Support

*all therapies allow for art & meditation focused techniques

***play therapy integrated


Stress & burnout

Chronic pain (migraines)

Life transitions & development

Anxiety (trauma, panic attacks, social, generalized)

Mood disorders (depression, bipolar)

Self Esteem

Care-giving support & Coaching

Existential challenges & Spirituality


        Here are some examples of what we may practice, explore and learn;

  • to respond- instead of reacting - to internal and/or external circumstances/triggers

  • learn new ways to relax, ground and focus

  • settle into and use difficult emotions to gain information & strength

  • listen to your body’s wisdom

  • access your own resourcefulness, creativity and insight (build internal wells of support)

  • find ways to transform “mistakes”

  • retrain your nervous system 

  • decode cultural/social messages related to your sense of identity and purpose

  • develop conscious engagement in creating your life

  • and sometimes, we just need to be heard - a neutral party/ a sounding board/ a mirror