Safely explore, learn & heal through holistic & creative methods;
find flow.


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I’m an licensed mental health counselor and holistic art therapist. I believe you are able to access your own innate healing through creative methods, so I offer you a sacred space and time -as well as loving-support- for you to do your healing work. I have a humanistic-relational foundation, but will pull from a variety of methods & models (evidenced based methods, ancient wisdom/healing practices, yoga & body oriented, mindfulness & meditation, emerging research, expressive methods) to help facilitate your process. Not sure what I just said? Totally okay. Essentially, our relationship is a priority and I have a diverse toolbox to help guide our work together. 


I formally studied expressive art therapy and mental health counseling for my undergraduate & graduate degrees. Both were obtained at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Much of my art training was done at Art Institute of Boston & Lorezno di Medici in Florence, Italy. 


I've also spent time working in project management, entrepreneurship/innovation, hospitality & research. I value learning & continue to develop new techniques, methods, & enjoy staying connected to research. Here's how I enjoy spending my some of time; dancing, crystals, plants, books, playing games, swimming and yoga, being in the forest or at the sea, watching movies, sharing laughs with loved ones, and of course- creating!

"The secret to change is by focusing all your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new."- socrates