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Healing woman

a new way to

When compassion, creativity, and neuroscience come together.

Integrative mental health therapy, art therapy, and kid therapy for whole-being transformation.

In-person sessions

in Providence, Rhode Island.

Virtual sessions

Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.


Renew your relationship with your mind.

At Create Art & Wellness, the focus is transformational change. You can unearth your psychological patterns and release your problems. Yes, it is possible to change how you feel and how you walk through the world. The use of art therapy and somatic practices are different than other talk therapy approaches. You can experience an embodied approach to mental health care, which leads to lasting change. With a focus on transformational shifts, you can spend less time in therapy and more time enjoying your life.

Emily Natale's headshot

I believe all humans have a creative source inside of them. It is this source which has the power to transform and heal.

Hi, I'm Emily (she/her)

My role is to hold space-time where my you can feel comfortable enough to explore and discover the unique blocks which prevent you from personal evolution. You and I work towards removing and updating your self limiting beliefs, so you can be in alignment with who you are meant to be.

I can help you stop blaming yourself, so you can take responsibility for your own happiness and health. You can live from a place of love instead of fear. I also help kids learn to handle big emotions and believe in themselves. 

By communicating with you in a way that is both supportive and empowering, you can navigate your health journey with confidence and clarity.

Services offered

Therapeutic modalities include somatic practices, art therapy, breath-work, yoga, and the use of neuroscience to guide the work. I'm focused on experiential, depth-oriented approaches, and can guide you towards your own mental liberation.

Art Therapy

Delve into the world of art therapy & discover new ways to be with emotions.


Sessions provide a safe, nurturing space for self-expression & healing.

Integrative mental health therapy

Combing coherence therapy, polyvagal theory & inter-personal neurobiology to achieve deep, lasting change. Say goodbye to self-limiting beliefs and hello to a more positive, purposeful life.

Kid therapy

There is magic in play & creativity. Child-led therapy sessions help kids understand and express their emotions through art & play.


Partnering with the community to spread the use of creativity for healing and expression.

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Let's work together

Schedule a complimentary 20 minute consultation.

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