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For healing beyond words

Create Art & Wellness is both a therapy practice and a space for exploring visual mediums. Our therapy has art in it. Our art has therapy in it. No experience of either is required.

Mental health and art therapy for adults and kids 5 and up

Visual art courses for individuals and groups, through the lens of healing



Art & the mind-body connection

Talk therapy is valuable for the matters we can process in words, while art allows us to express the emotions that defy description. In order to grow and heal, we need space for both—because expressing ourselves allows us to use our whole brain. It’s a critical element of brain integration, recovery, and growth.


By working creatively together, people achieve their goals of learning how to take care of themselves in kinder and more gentle ways. They develop the skills to be in balanced relationships and improve their communication with their loved ones. They feel more like themselves, make bold decisions, and learn to move forward in life with confidence and ease.


Join me in learning the ways of honoring your emotions and developing a more creative, confident and integrated life.

Emily Natale's headshot

All humans have a creative source inside of them. It is from this place where the power to transform and heal arises. It is in you.

Hi, I'm Emily (she/her)

I believe in coloring a little bit outside the lines.


While I was completing my graduate studies in Art Therapy, I longed for a neuroscientific understanding of the underpinnings of art therapy. Even 15 years later, I’m still fascinated by the ways that a 16-pack of crayons can, like EMDR, be a powerful tool for processing trauma.


While there are many disciplines that look at the effects of art on health, I’ve made it my mission to emphasize the clinical application of neuroscience within art therapy.


I see my role as holding space-time where you can feel comfortable enough to explore and discover the unique blocks that prevent your personal evolution. Together, we’ll work towards removing and updating your self-limiting beliefs, so you can be in alignment with who you are meant to be.


My clients are often people who have experienced multiple transitions, feel lost, stuck, or are unable to make decisions. Many have experienced traumas in childhood and they come to me for support with making sense of their own story, coping with their grief, or experiencing more self-love and empowerment.

Ways to engage

Everything I do at Create Art & Wellness is grounded in deep compassion and neuroscience research. We will be gathering cues from our bodies, doodling on the page, and showing up deeply with one another. Each service offering is a distinct, effective approach towards mental liberation. Consider how you might like to begin:

Art Therapy

Join a group session or meet for one-on-one guidance. If you can draw a stick figure, you can use art therapy to express yourself and heal.

Mental health therapy
(for adults)

My approach to psychotherapy is more holistic than most. Come prepare to engage with your words, imagination, and body.

Kid therapy

Art and play are powerful tools for children who need support accessing, expressing, and managing the complexity of their emotions.

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Consultation and Workshops

Invite me to speak with your school, organization, or community in a personalized, educational introduction to neuroscience-informed art therapy.

Studies in expressive art

Learn the practical and fundamental skills you need to independently support your own evolution.


Learn how to enrich your therapy practice by integrating artistic and somatic approaches...and listen to me geek out about the research to back it up!

I don’t accept insurance at this time, but I’ll walk you through a few ways you can use my detailed receipts and get the most from paying out-of-pocket. Private pay therapy offers a personalized, flexible, and tailored approach, allowing you to receive the focused attention and support you deserve and need to thrive, without strings attached.

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