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We are a collective of expressive arts therapists that believe in and facilitate the use of embodied, expressive arts for whole being healing.

We support folks as they journey towards emotional coherence and wholeness.


In 2019 Emily Natale, LMHC ATR (she/her) launched Create Art and Wellness, a private therapeutic practice, to serve individuals, families, and the collective in obtaining greater wellness through holistic modalities.

In 2022 the healing arts studio was born. Nestled inside of the Creative Commerce Center, our studio provides containment and encourages creativity, movement, and play.


Utilizing an inclusive, intersectional framework of cultures, we focus on providing holistic treatment, grounded in neuroscience, to offer non-judgemental support through curiosity, compassion, and collaboration.


Individual Therapy

Individual sessions utilizing traditional talk therapy, somatic (body-based), and expressive arts based approaches.

Therapy for youth

Youth-centered, non-directive play and arts based therapy for children 6+ and teens.

This approach works well for kiddos who may have difficulty verbalizing their thoughts and feelings.

Groups & Workshops

Facilitated support groups based in exploring expressive arts.

We offer various groups, workshops and events for our community.

Connect with others.

Community Colloboration

Connecting with the community to consult, design, and implement healing arts programs or experiences.

Spreading creativity.


What is expressive therapy?

art. music. drama. movement. play.
Facilitated by trained creative arts therapists.

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