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Yes, you can Grow,  heal and evolve.


50 min | $195

First session

60 min | $250

Parent consultations

50 min | $195

Extended Sessions

75 min | $245

($48 savings)

90 min | $292

($59 savings)

120 min | $390

($78 savings)

Weekly Sessions,

Bi-Weekly Sessions,

Monthly Sessions*

Wondering how long you'll be in therapy for? Or how frequently you'll need to meet?

In short term therapy (6 months or less) you can feel better, learn personalized skills, and get support through sticky and difficult situations.


In longer term therapy (6+ months) more parts of you can be held and supported through the growing process, allowing expansive change to occur. Time is needed for new skills to become a new state of being.

Already have a therapist and looking for expressive support?

Biweekly or monthly extended sessions are a great solution to help round out your treatment team.

*not applicable for kid therapy

*not suitable for all adults and varies depending upon your needs

The benefits of extended sessions.

Dive Deeper: Have you ever been in therapy and felt like there's more to unpack, and time just slips away? With extended sessions, bid farewell to rushed conversations. Sink into discussions that go beyond the surface, allowing your brain the time it needs to process, reflect, and truly absorb insights.

Cost-Effective Brilliance: Let's talk about the bottom line—your budget. Think of extended therapy sessions as an investment in your mental wealth. Instead of multiple shorter sessions, maximize your time and resources with fewer, longer sessions. It's not just about saving money; it's about maximizing value!

Embrace Transformation: In the realm of mental health, progress isn't measured by minutes on the clock—it's about breakthroughs and growth. Extended sessions create a safe, spacious environment where breakthroughs happen organically. Embrace the journey, and watch as transformation unfolds before your eyes.

Some clients may need more frequent meetings vs longer sessions, and others less frequent with longer time. Not sure what's best for you? Working together we can figure out it out and sometimes this changes over time.

The Creativity Circle

Practice your own art therapy alongside others in this inclusive & supportive creativity circle focused on Visual Journaling.

Adults explore visual journaling as a method to process their emotions and experiences, and share expressively with others. Visual Journaling involves words, images and colors. You can learn how to make expressive art!

Taking time out of your day for coloring, creating, and journaling can boost your mood and ground you. Bonus: it's a natural stress reliever.

Gather together to make art for wellness.

Supportive Access

90 minutes

Receive support from the community, so you can access the circle.



Fair Access

90 minutes

Pay the fair price for the circle.



Re-balancing Access

90 minutes

Support the community by re-balancing access, so others can join.



In-person in Providence, RI. No art experience needed.


Biweekly sessions on Tuesdays at 5:30pm.

BYO Journal. Tea & art supplies provided.

Registration required ahead of time.

Private pay therapy offers a personalized, flexible, and tailored approach, allowing you to receive the focused attention and support you deserve and need to thrive.

Going "out-of-network" means you can ask for a "good faith estimate."

Find out more about your rights with out-of-network providers:

Release that tension &
have more space inside for you.

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