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painting of shapes on fabric; purple, green and red.
Water color painting of person's head as a brain. The brain is exploding with color all around.

Paint your life in color. Reclaim your joy.

Services Offered

Creative approaches. Neuro-science informed.


Integrative & Holistic Mental Health Therapy

Therapy work is gentle, deep and focused at core issues. Old programming, often established in childhood, gets updated, while we build personalized skills that support your day-to-day life.

In sessions, clients practice utilizing their innate connection of the brain & the body for embodiment. We leverage imagery and sensation to facilitate healing, reduce stress, and foster positive emotions.


The focus is on creating deep, lasting change by applying the principals of memory re-consolidation and supporting your nervous system through a poly-vagal lens. Clients also benefit from holistic thinking which encompasses many dimensions of wellness, so their overall health is boosted.


Kid Therapy

I help kids tantrum less, learn to believe in themselves, and handle their big emotions.

By attuning to the child's nervous system state, I support them with their in-the moment needs while building self-regulation, esteem, emotional vocabulary, and an increased world view. I work in children's natural language - art and play. Kids enjoy coming to therapy where they can have an encouraging, contained, and private space to process their emotions and life experiences.


Community Support & Consultation

Curious about how art therapy works? I love sharing my knowledge and learnings with the community through talks and workshops.

Or would your agency benefit from an arts program that is yet to exist? I partner with agencies to help develop, implement and execute expressive arts programming, so art for healing can reach more people.


Art Therapy

Let's make art! Clients do not have to be "artsy" to benefit. Sessions are focused on actively engaging in the creative process or reviewing art that has been made. Clients get support in technical creation as needed, as well as encouragement to follow their unique process. Art helps people;

  • express painful emotions

  • attract new experiences

  • work through a specific issue

  • give voice to passions and concepts

  • practice mindfulness

  • experience joy

  • sensory-motor for bottom-up processing

  • gain new insights and shift perspectives

Learn how to make expressive art, so you can help yourself feel better in your every day life.


Parent Consultation

Parent sessions offer compassionate guidance and practical strategies for navigating the joys and challenges of raising your child. I meet with parents separately to support them with the complexities of being a parent and the uniqueness of their child. Parenting consultation is a necessary component of kid therapy, or can be a stand alone service.


Group art therapy

A special offering for the community! A biweekly, art therapy group for adults focused on practicing visual journaling. Tuesdays 5:30-7pm.

Circle members build a visual journal as a tool to process experiences and emotions while receiving support from others. Learn how to make expressive art so you can feel better. By building community with others, you can learn a new skill that can become a part of your daily life.


Each session begin with a warm up. There is time for individual, visual journaling, followed by group share.

Group members may be new to visual journaling or have an established practice. Circle members work together to create a welcoming space for all and support each other in art making for expression.

Ready for inner calm and clarity? Let's carve out space for serenity together. 

"Truly life changing for any age. Don’t think twice about it, experience it & book that consult!" - Zencare client
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