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Clinical Focus Areas

My practice frequently involves addressing intricate cases where pain manifests in both psychological and physical dimensions. I have extensive experience in supporting clients from culturally diverse backgrounds, with a special focus on children and adolescents. This includes neurodivergent individuals, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and those who have experienced psychological trauma, ensuring comprehensive support for every unique journey.

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Grief is complex. It takes many shapes and can be profoundly visceral.

Loss can be overwhelming and isolating. The whole world can feel different, even though everything looks the same.

 Together, we'll honor the grief in expressions that are natural and supportive for you. We can lean into the love that lives with the pain.

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Anxiety & Depression

Restless? Hard time sleeping? Particularly hard on yourself? Or maybe difficulty trusting your own perception?

Mood changes and anxiety issues hit most of us in this day and age.


In sessions, you can understand the sources of your suffering while embracing your body's wisdom. By connecting with your needs, you can

shift mind sets, establish stronger boundaries, and integrate healthy skills into your daily life.  There are ways to contain your worries, re-define your inner critic, and to stop exploding. 


Existential & Spiritual

Are you desiring deeper understanding of purpose and meaning in life? Do you reflect on life's biggest questions? Or have you experienced a significant event which shook your sense of what you thought you knew?

Does the climate crisis has you feeling hopeless or the state of the world leaves you with some serious angst?

In our time, you'll have space to deeply explore issues that are of the utmost importance to you, so you can create your own sense of internal peace while embodying your values into your daily life.

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Stress & Burn out

Feeling overwhelmed and over saturated?


The effects of too much stress can disrupt our nervous system and have a cascading effect on our bodies and health; impacting our sleep, how we think, eat, feel and cause problems our most important relationships.


With methodical care, you'll learn subtle practices that help bring you into alignment, release tension, and find self-soothing.

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Child Mental Health

Just as physical health is vital for a child's growth, mental health plays a crucial role in their emotional development, social interactions, academic achievement, and overall quality of life. Addressing mental health issues early can prevent long-term challenges and promote resilience, allowing children to navigate life's complexities with confidence and positivity.

Engaging in expressive arts based therapy supports a child's whole brain and their development, giving them extra nutrients and support to grow and thrive.

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Psychological Trauma

Do you feel like your quality of life has been affected by past traumas? Or maybe you've decided to heal from intergenerational trauma.

We humans walk around with history colored glasses. Our brains are constantly anticipating what will happen based off historical experiences. This can backfire on us when we've had intense emotional experiences as the here-and-now will be influenced based on what we've gone through.

In therapy, you will learn how to support their your nervous system and reprocess experiences in safe and supportive ways.

We are all artists of our lives; consciousness and self-knowledge are our mediums.

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