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Areas of focus

Psychological trauma and emotional wounds


Chronic pain

Life transitions
Child mental health


Individual therapy - in person or virtual

Child-centered play therapy (6+)

Community engagement: lectures, curriculum support and development, group development and execution.
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Background & Approach

As an integrative therapist, I combine elements and techniques from various therapeutic modalities and schools of thought, which are then personalized and tailored for the unique needs of my clients.

I formally studied expressive art therapy and mental health counseling for my undergraduate (2007) & graduate degrees (2011). Both were obtained at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Most of my art training was completed at Art Institute of Boston and Lorezno di Medici in Florence, Italy. I continue to deepen my own art practice and learn new mediums. I am certified in applied polyvagel theory for yoga therapy, and enjoy learning about the neurobiology of interpersonal healing within the expressive arts.​​

Sessions are co-created. Often my clients come with a focus or topic in mind. Together, we explore and process through words, images and sensory information. We may also be actively making art or externalizing images. We may discuss and learn about the brain-body and even practice various breathing techniques. My aim is to support you in building emotional coherence.


A circle for creativity.

You're invited to an inclusive, bi-weekly circle for folks looking to connect with their own creative source.

This circle focuses on building a visual journal as a method to process our life experiences and experience the power of creating in parallel with others.

Circle members will be asked to bring their own art journal, but various materials will be available for use. Each circle starts with a breathing exercise to quiet, center and focus. There will be ample time for visual journaling, followed by an option for sharing with other circle members. You do not need to have experience with art or journaling to join. 


This circle is excellent for those desiring to deepen their connection with their self, create a more regular art making habit, or exploring ways to process their life experiences.             


Biweekly Tuesdays 5:30-7pm              


Payment options

  • $35/circle, Supported Access: for those with current limited financial resources who will benefit from access supplemented by the community

  • $50/circle, Fair Access: for those with sufficient financial resources and who can pay their fair value for the experience

  • $65/circle, Re-balancing Access: for those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for others, to help re-balance system inequity

Folks are asked to commit to 3 months (6 sessions) to allow themselves time to build their own practice, experience the process, and connect with others. This is an open and ongoing group, meaning circle members can come and go.

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