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Many ways to work together



Integrative Mental Health Therapy for adults

I offer myself as a guide while you explore and utilize the innate connection between your brain and body. We work gently and deeply at core issues that may be in your unconscious mind and coloring your day-to-day life. By engaging with your mind’s eye, you can tap into your unique inner resources which support you in navigating your challenges. Your mind eye also supports self-discovery and can faciliate self-compassion. Breath-work and somatic techniques may be interwoven to assist in exploring and processing emotions. Neuroeducation helps you to learn you are not broken or a failure.


Kid Therapy

Kids lead in my child-centered play therapy approach. I attune to the child's nervous system state to support them with their in-the moment needs and support with self-regulation. I facilitate therapy through play and art, which is children's naturally language. Kids often enjoy coming to therapy where they can have an encouraging, contained, and private space to process their feelings and life experiences. I meet with parents separately to support them with the complexities of being a parent and the uniqueness of their child.


Community Support

I partner with agencies to provide healing art programming. This takes many forms; workshops, group series, lectures and discussions. I enjoy developing curriculum to meet the unique needs for your community.


Art therapy for adults

Primary or adjunctive therapy

In art therapy you get to actively make art. We may explore various art mediums and how your nervous system responds to those mediums. Together we work towards supporting your personalized, artistic expression. Art is very versatile, so sessions can look many ways. Here's a few;


  • expressing painful feelings and experiences which are difficult to talk about

  • making art to help attract new experiences

  • giving voice to your passions and concepts

  • experiencing mindfulness through art making

  • making art that is sensory-motor in nature for bottom-up processing.

  • We may also dialogue or explore ways we can process the product you have created to gain additional insights and information.

In sessions, we leverage imagery to facilitate healing, reduce stress, and foster positive emotions. You can create art and wellness.


Creative Arts Circle: Visual Journaling

You're invited to an inclusive, bi-weekly circle for folx looking to connect with their own creative source.

This circle focuses on building a visual journal as a tool to enhance your life. And there is a power to creating expressive art in parallel with others. Each session begins with a centering or grounding activity. There is ample time for visual journaling, followed by group share.

BYO journal. Tea and art supplies provided.

What to expect



We can start with a scheduled phone call. This is an opportunity for me to share about my practice and answer any questions you might have. Different people come to therapy for different reasons. I will ask you to share a bit about what you would like support with and get a sense of whether it could be a good fit for us to work together. If we agree, we move forward with scheduling a first session.

Some folx are looking for a primary therapist. I can help there. Others have a therapist and are looking for an additional therapist to round out or compliement their current work. I can help there too.


Over the next couple of sessions, I learn more about you and your needs, and you get a better sense of me and my style. Sometimes we are actively making art. You do not have to be "be good at art" and some folx I see don't "make" anything. Occasionally, we may explore different breathing techniques, guided imagery and visualization, or light movement. During these first few sessions, we are focused on understanding where you are at, what you need, and what methods will best support you in getting there.


How long we work together depends on you and your goals. In brief therapy, (six months or less) you may make progress towards your goals and learn skills. Often people can feel better and get support through sticky or difficult situations. In longer term therapy, (six months or more) parts of you can be held and supported through the growing process. Often parts of your personal history are operating out of conscious awareness. Through longer term work we can move gently and deeply into reprocessing, so you can operate in a way that is more aligned with your current world.

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