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The Healing Arts Studio

Individual and group sessions are offered at the healing arts studio, located at the Creative Commerce Center in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Studio has a lounge area, art making space, space for movement, and some hand drums.  Art supplies are available for use; paints (tempra, acrylic, watercolor), clay (air dried and oven baked), drawing materials (oil pastels, chalk pastels, pencil, pens, markers, etc.), recycled objects, bead work, fabrics, and collage materials. Clients are welcome to use what is here or bring in their preferred materials.

Meet The Team

Morgan Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Board Certified Music Therapist

individual & group clinician

Morgan Johnston, MA, MT-BC

Morgan holds a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a Specialization in Music Therapy from Lesley University. She has  worked with individuals and groups of all ages on a range of physical and emotional goals, in substance abuse centers, schools for adults and children with developmental disabilities, memory care units for older adults, and LGBTQ+ and college partial hospital programs.


Morgan embodies a balance of warmth and depth in her relationships with those she works with and takes a humanistic approach to therapy by seeing it as a collaborative process. She enjoys integrating other expressive arts therapies like poetry, movement, and art in addition to music to support those she works with in finding their personal emotional languages and moving towards their definition of wellness.


Ultimately, Morgan holds dear the statement by Michelangelo that the sculpture already exists within the block of stone and the sculptor merely needs to chip away at it— "Let’s chip away together at the challenges you are facing to reveal the authentic self that already exists within you."

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 11.42_edited.j

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Registered Art Therapist

founder, individual & group clinician

Emily Natale, LMHC, ATR

Emily believes everyone is able to access their own innate healing through creative methods. She supports her clients by offering art therapy, mindfulness, breath-work, and somatic techniques. She offers a sacred space and time, as well as caring support, for folks to do their healing work.


Emily formally studied expressive art therapy and mental health counseling for her undergraduate (2007) & graduate degrees (2011). Both were obtained at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Most of her art training was done at Art Institute of Boston & Lorezno di Medici in Florence, Italy. She continues to deepen her practice and learn new mediums.

She is certified in applied polyvagel theory for yoga therapy, has taken yoga for emotional health and healing intensive training, and continues to study and deepen her practice of the neurobiology of interpersonal healing within the expressive arts.


Emily specializes in working with folks who have experienced trauma and/or struggle with chronic pain. She has a particular interest in spirituality.

She enjoys supporting children who may been called "old souls" or creative-visual thinkers,

She's also spent time working in project management, entrepreneurship /innovation, hospitality & research. She values learning & continues to develop new techniques and methods. Her personal time is often spent gardening, swimming, practicing yoga, spending time outdoors, sharing laughs with loved ones, and of course- creating,

Susie Schutt photo.jpg

Registered Drama Therapist

individual & group clinician

Susie Schutt, MA, RDT


Susie is a Masters level therapist and a registered drama therapist focusing on trauma-informed drama therapy and expressive therapies. Susie uses a person-centered and mindfulness approach along with social justice and feminist theory.  She specializes in working with clients (10+ and adults) who are experiencing anxiety, depression, and trauma-based-aggression.

She believes in a collaborative approach to identifying goals, values, and developing treatments so clients may live meaningful and fulfilling lives.​ Susie is in the midst her of life-long anti-racist education Through her work as the Director of Education and Drama Therapist at the Gamm Theatre from 2014 to 2022, Susie has extensive experience developing theatre and social emotional curriculum, as well as providing teacher training and classroom support.


She received her BA in Sociology & Social Inequality from the University of Michigan, and her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling; Drama Therapy from Lesley University. She lives in Rhode Island with her dog Gordon.

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