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Art has a way of knowing us.

Emily Natale

Emily's Story

My life journey has led me to hone my craft as an arts based therapist. As a child, I was often seen with scissors in my hands and a trail of paper behind me, as I found solace in the space of image making and crafting. As I continued to grow I sought out many therapeutic supports. Often I found myself frustrated and overwhelmed with traditional talk therapy methods. Some experiences could not be verbally shared, known, or understood until I was able to create.

As an empathetic and intuitive individual, I am naturally drawn towards others: finding joy in being deeply present, witnessing and supporting. With a passion for the arts and genuine enjoyment of all people, the study of art therapy was a simple decision for me - it just made sense. I attended undergraduate and graduate school for expressive art therapy and mental health counseling.

My naturally curious mind was ignited with a passion for neuroscience. I wanted to understand something that I knew innately - art heals. I enjoy learning complimentary and nutritional approaches, mediation, yoga, and somatic techniques, so I can work holistically and think multi-dimensionally. I practice cultural humbleness and seek out wisdom from voices of others who may be different than me.

Many people I have worked with over the years experienced psychological traumas and emotional wounding. My clients often had long term patterns which no longer served them and they desired to shift into a new state of being. It has been a gift for me to support people as they explore their own mind and come to know themselves in new and compassionate ways: accepting, releasing, and moving forward from their past.


I hold deep respect for the power of our inner worlds and the wisdom inside all of us.

In gratitude

Core Values

Compassion: recognizing the universal experience of suffering and acknowledging the suffering of others, and feeling a deep desire to alleviate the suffering of others. Teaching others how to give this to themselves, so they can naturally soothe their own internal experience and decrease distress.


Creativity: the ability to make or bring something new into existence, whether a new solution to a problem, produce new ideas, or an artistic product/expression. Use of vision and imagination.


Cultural humbleness: a practice of self-reflection and learning from others' cultures, use of an intersectional lens, recognizing power imbalances and differences, and honoring others' beliefs and values.


Neuroscience informed counseling: involves integrating principles from the structure and function of the brain and nervous system into a counseling practice.


Create's story

Create Art & Wellness was founded in 2019 and is driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to compassionate care.

With a background in leading new initiatives and creating programs which push the boundaries of traditional therapy, I encourage a fresh perspective to mental health support.

I intend to redefine therapy through a creative lens and with holistic thoughtfulness, so each client can experience personalized therapy.

Emily using pastels to create image of blue moon, yellow and green waves and a pink ground.
Video of Emily talking with two medical professionals about art therapy

Hear more from Emily

Podcast with Dr. Joncas & Nancy Medeiros, RN.

Available on Apple podcasts & Spotify. 2023

Emily Natale standing in front of projector and smiling at her audience as she shares about the power of healing art.

Gallery talk at South County Art Association on the "Healing Power of Art."

Hear Emily talk about her counseling practice.



Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Massachusetts #8605

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Rhode Island #1128

Licensed Professional Counselor, New Jersey # 37PC01008700

Registered Art Therapist with the American Art Therapy Association


Master of Arts in Expressive Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling, 2011 | Lesley University

Bachelors of Science in Art Therapy, 2007 | Lesley University

A sample of additional trainings

Certification in Applied Poly-Vagal theory for Yoga Therapy with Dr. Arielle Schwartz with the Embodied Lab, 2021

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Mood with Kate Gramm's Soulful Yoga Therapy

Complimentary and Nutritional Supports, Gut-Brain Health and Inflammation for Mental Health

Meditation for peak performance and every day living

Internal Family Systems with Frank Anderson, MD

Memory Reconsolidation with Juliane Taylor Shore

I seek out training in LGBTQ+ affirming care, anti-racist practices, and culturally sensitive care.

Holistic support starts here.

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