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Holistic, emobodied expressive arts for whole-being healing

Sessions may involve talk therapy, engaging in the creative process, practicing visualization and breath-work, light movement, and/or psychoeducation.

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Individual Therapy for Adults

Co-creating the time together, we discover unconscious and conscious material which impacts long term patterns. We work deeply to understand the root of issues and update those emotional learnings with new information, so folks can feel better and operate in the world in a way that is more aligned. The pace is set by the individual, specifically listening to their nervous system, to allow emotion to be digested, released, and experiences integrated.



Youth Therapy - play and art therapy

We utilize kids' natural method for learning, growing and working things out - play. Offering a gentle, nondirective approach, youth are encouraged to make art, play and move as a way to express and learn about emotions.

While kids may be receiving individual therapy, their caregivers are encouraged to be active participants in supporting the healing process. Caregiver/parenting consults are encouraged and frequency can range from weekly to quarterly sessions. These sessions involve parenting support and co-developing new strategies.


Healing art circles

Join a circle to be connected with others who may be struggling with similar difficulties or have a shared interest in exploring a specific modality (music, art, drama). Often group members will have an individual therapist and are seeking to compliment their inner work or looking for additional support to enrich their daily life. Circles are structured and generally last for 6-10 weeks.

All circle members consult with the facilitator prior to being fully enrolled in a group. Groups are currently be offered in-person.


Community Connection

We enjoy working with community agencies, schools, and organizations to consult, design, and implement expressive arts and mental health curriculum.

Request a consult to discuss your organization's unique needs. Together we design possible options to support. Whether it's a one time workshop, ongoing support group, or general consultation - we love applying our creativity to our communities.

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